Easy and Insightful Event Registration Software

do-it-yourself event management software
Event Marketing Website Builder
Starter template Saves time
Replicate a pre-existing event Perfect time-saver for recurring events such as user-groups
Upload your logo and choose brand colors Creates brand consistency
Add custom pages Customize your website the way you want it
Customizable URLs Vanity URLs make you look professional
Rename Tab names as you wish Create custom vocabulary to suit your audience
Designated ‘Why Attend’ page Give people reasons to attend
Designated ‘Presenters’ page with names, bios, pictures Encourage networking
Designated ‘Sponsors’ page with names and logos Reward sponsors with additional exposure
Rotate sponsor logos on homepage Reward gold sponsors with wider exposure
Designated ‘Location’ page with names, photos, directions Facilitate travel and lodging planning for attendees
Designated ‘Schedule’ page with quick view of all sessions, tracks and breakouts by date and time Encourages registrations by showing sessions that interest prospects the most
Memorize presenters, sponsors for future events Saves time for future event planning
WYSIWYG editing HTML knowledge not required
Flexible Event Pricing Options
Support for member & non-member pricing Works perfectly for member-driven organizations
Early bird discounts Gives early head count
Individual, coupon and group discounts Maximizes event attendance
Customizable to support any special offers Whatever works for you
Sophisticated discount codes with percentages or fixed amounts Give special treatment to desirable contacts
Accept credit cards or checks More payment options allow more people to attend
Set date ranges for displaying price groups Automatic price updates are pre-schedule; save time.
Sell event add-ons during registration process Encourages up-sell and cross-sell
Allow registrant to donate money to causes Perfect for cause-based organizations
Registration Form Builder
Signups for multiple days and multiple tracks Perfect for conferences
Starter registration form template Saves time
Ability to add custom form questions for text box, paragraph, radio buttons, and checkboxes Get insights about the attendees; gives you flexibility.
Supports both required and optional form fields Make it easy for attendees to register
Tracks attendance by individual sessions Helps you pick the right room and simplifies logistics
Price each session individually Maximize revenue based on demand
Cap registrations for each session Creates urgency to pick sessions
Create custom message for sold-out sessions Lets you capture interest for future events
Customize text on registration forms Write guide copy that will motivate your attendees
Allow bypass of registration process for free events Saves time
Customize email auto-responders and registration thank you Create trust building copy that works for your audience
Event Email Invitation System
Send unlimited email invites Invite all your customers, prospects, partners and friends as you please
Fully customizable email invites Use the available template or customize it to your liking
Send email invites at no charge Simplifies pricing and empowers to create sold-out events
Reporting for opens, click-throughs, opt-outs, soft and hard bounce-backs Simply the most advanced in the industry!
Hot Prospects report List of people most likely to register if you call them
View reports in tabular form or visual charts Appealing to both left-brainers and right-brainers
Real-time registrants, sessions, and snapshot dashboards Simplifies logistical decisions
Detailed financial reporting Provides a clear revenue picture
Exclude test registrants from reports Get a true picture of the event
Edit registrant information Keep the registration report up-to-date
Cancel registrants Keep a true picture of the event
Individual session reports Facilitates event planning
Payment summary report Reconcile payments readily
Export reports to Excel You can massage the data any way you like to
Sell promotion items Up-sell
Accept donations Perfect for fund-raising for worthy causes
Event Management
Print badges with your logo Makes your organization look professional
Print registration list Eliminates stress at registration desk
Track receipts of off-line payments Ensures you collect all the monies for the event
Cancel or substitute registrants Provides a clear picture of event status
Print sign-up sheets Streamlines registration desk
Payment Gateways
Use our payment gateway More people will attend if they can pay with credit card
Use your own payment gateway; seamless integration with Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, and YourPay Save 5% transaction fee
Attendee Experience
Professional event website Enhances brand reputation
See homepage, schedule, speakers, venues, directions, and more Complete event information in one website
Automatic email with confirmation & receipt Reduces inbound calls and credit-card challenges
Send confirmations to all registrants Remind people
Send confirmations to business assistant or manager For copies of receipt and calendar management
Pay by credit card, or check Convenience
Register for the event, special event add-ons Simplified one-step process
Donate money or purchase merchandise Charge to corporate accounts
Web-Based Application
No hardware, software or installation required Hassle-free immediate access
Available 24x7 via the Internet From office, home and event
Free regular upgrades Automatic access to new features
No charge per registrant No penalty for larger events
Create Custom Event Sites

Our convenient Website Builder automatically creates a branded website as you enter the event information:

  • Build a complete, professional looking event website without knowing HTML
  • Create separate presenters and sponsors pages
  • Add multiple custom pages
  • Set up customizable URLs
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Send Email Invitations & Automate Confirmations

All it takes is a few clicks and everyone on your list can be notified about your upcoming event.

  • Create and send customized email invites at no charge
  • Receive email reports of opens, click-throughs, opt-outs, and bounce backs
  • Send automatic emails with confirmation and payment receipt
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Create Online Registration

We make it easy to provide your registrants with the information they need. Plus, it's easy for them to register.

  • Create signups for multiple days and multiple tracks
  • Do session tracking with the ability to cap session attendance
  • Add form questions of any type
  • Set up required and optional registration fields
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Receive Online Payments

We give you the power to tailor the payment options to match your specific event.

  • Create member and non-member pricing
  • Set up discounts for early birds, individuals, and groups
  • Customize to support any special offers
  • Support multiple payment options and structures for each event
  • Create discount codes with percentages or fixed amounts
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Choose between your own payment gateway or use Ennect's
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Get Detailed Reports

Graphs and charts make it easy to see how many people have registered and other important data.

  • Get real-time info on registrants, sessions, and snapshots through the dashboard
  • Get detailed financial reporting
  • Track online and offline payments
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Other Time Saving Features

Don’t get bogged down with mundane tasks! Ennect takes care of all the little details.

  • Print badges with your logo
  • Print your registration list
  • Track receipts of offline payments
  • Cancel or substitute registrants
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Free Support

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Email or call with questions and our helpful support team will personally handle your questions.

  • Get free training upon sign up
  • Get free ongoing phone support
  • Get free email support
  • Get free regular updates













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