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For 19 years, KIDS FIRST!® has been advocating for the production of quality children's films as well as developing programs that educate young film-goers and their parents on how to select the right kind of media for viewing. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and operating nationwide, the non-profit evaluates, rates and endorses children's films, DVDs, CDs, TV shows and games with the help of volunteer, community-based juries of adults and children from diverse backgrounds. More than 100,000 media professionals, lobbyists, policymakers, child advocates, educators, parents and families collaborate to help the organization reach its goals.

KIDS FIRST! maintains a regularly-updated Top 100 List of recommended films for viewers between the ages of 2 and 18. All of the Top 100 films are available on Amazon.com® at www.amazon.com/KidsFirst!Top100. And, in the DVD sections in more than 500 Toys 'R Us® retail outlets, there are 'Top 50' KIDS FIRST! sections. "It's our list that Toys 'R Us uses as their help for parents," explained Ann Church, senior vice president of marketing at KIDS FIRST! "And these are mainstream, blockbuster DVDs, so kids love them."

Ennect Sweeps Helps Identify Followers

For as much as people support the organization's activities, getting them to sign up for the mail list had been a struggle, according to Church. "Our mail list became really static at around 4,000 names and we were having a really hard time building it. Even though we're 'in' with the educators and library list services, we just weren't able to increase the subscriber list," she said.

About a year ago, Church had the idea to test whether sweepstakes campaign software would help the organization drive traffic to its website. "I researched different online sweeps products and found Ennect. It's easy to work with and easy to draw a winner. It's been very successful for us," said Church. "In less than a year, we've grown our

Sponsoring Monthly DVD Sweeps

Every month KIDS FIRST! hosts a DVD giveaway sweepstakes on its website. "We have between three to five popular titles that we give away," Church explained. "And now other parenting websites that we partner with, like Parenthood.com® and Macaroni Kid™, are starting to host our Ennect-based sweepstakes. Ennect Sweeps not only helps us give our film company sponsors promotion for their titles, it also helps us grow our newsletter list. In fact, we just increased our newsletter 6% this month based on the sweeps participation! We had 1287 sweeps entries, with over 600 new participants!"

The organization also uses Ennect Sweeps to drive attendance at some of the free film screenings it hosts for new movie releases, including the recent blockbusters How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek Forever After. "Ennect allows us to limit the number of contest entrants so we can hit the specific number of seats we need to fill. We can also easily download the contestant info and turn it over to the theaters as an electronic reservation list," Church commented. "I like doing the ticket giveaways this way because it drives people to our website."

"In less than a year, we've grown our list from 4,000 to over 10,000 names."

Ann Church

Senior Vice President of Marketing

As a result of the program's success, Church plans to use Ennect's sweepstakes campaign software for an upcoming program designed to reach a million kids in an effort to review The Velveteen Rabbit film when it comes out. "We have the support of the National Education Association, the National Council of Women's Organizations, and the National Association of Elementary School Principals—about 17 million people in all—and we're going to be using Ennect in a similar way to do the venue signups," said Church.

The whole idea is to have kids review the films as adults, answer the review questions and talk about it," she commented. The more Ennect can help them attract followers, the more KIDS FIRST! will be able to expand its mandate for creating savvy young movie-goers.

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