Easy and Insightful Readership Survey Software

Improve your Writing and Increase Loyalty

If you're producing a magazine, journal, blog, or newspaper, wouldn't you like to know how it's being received by the people who matter most? A survey offers your readers a chance to help improve your publication and become more involved themselves.

The Importance of Surveying Your Members

In this age of customization and personalization, a written publication must adapt to the expectations of its readers. Learn what stories are most sought after, what sections are most read, and what writers are most liked. Keep your readers closely involved in the process of improvement, and you'll increase circulation.

  • You'll learn what to keep in and what to take out
  • You'll avoid what could be potentially embarrassing or unpopular
  • You'll give your readership a chance to feel a part of your publication

Client Success Story: Carnegie Mellon - Marketing

Carnegie Mellon Keeps Its University Ennected


Carnegie Mellon University wanted to evaluate their communication strategy and effectiveness, particularly in the area of publications and online information.


Carnegie Mellon realized they needed to take a new approach to increase efficiency and impact. They created an initiative to develop a new family of publications that would exist not only in print, but online as well.


By using Ennect marketing tools, Carnegie Mellon integrated e-mail broadcasting and online surveys with their Web site. They used Ennect Survey to develop and measure feedback and create benchmarks


Instant delivery has made communication much more efficient, particularly with international alumni. In addition, Carnegie Mellon can tailor future content based on insights from past e-newsletter open rates and survey results. Ennect's real-time reporting dashboards allow Carnegie Mellon to report ROI with a speed and precision.


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