Easy and Insightful Market Research Survey Software

Taking Snapshots of the Market Place

Market needs must be the first source of innovation for growing organizations. Use Ennect web-based survey software to take frequent snapshots of where the market is and where it is going. Internet surveys receive dramatically higher response rates than paper surveys, at a fraction of the cost.

The Importance of Surveying the Marketplace Atmosphere

Do you want to miss out on the next big consumer spending trend? By administering frequent surveys to the people who make buying decisions in the marketplace, you'll learn how to adjust your business model to accommodate an always-fickle (but always-right) consumer base.

  • You'll beat your competition to recognizing new trends
  • You'll learn what products or services are not working
  • You'll discover investment opportunities you might never have imagined

Client Success Story: Conestoga Log Cabins

Market Research Made Easy


When Jeff Davis started as marketing manager for Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes, there was very little primary data about their customers. They didn’t really know who their customers were, why they were buying or what triggered them to make the leap to buy a new log home. Jeff wanted more data about their current and prospective customers, so he could decide where to advertise and how to market the log cabins and homes.


Jeff knew a survey would help him reach his goals. He had three goals in mind – first, figure out who is buying Conestoga Log Cabins and market accordingly. Second, touch base with prospective customers who hadn’t yet purchased and find out why. Third, learn how to improve the product and make it easier to purchase a log home.


Jeff used Ennect Survey to develop a 20-question survey with two sections. The first section asked for traditional customer feedback – “How did we do? What do you like about us?” The second set of questions included optional demographic questions – “What do you read? Age? Gender? Income? Key leisure activities?”


In the past, when Jeff used other online survey tools, he had only about a 3-5% response rate, but with Ennect Survey, he had a 30% response rate from customers. By learning about current customers, Jeff was able to take the guesswork out of marketing. With easy reporting tools, Jeff got valuable feedback within a couple hours of sending out his survey. Because he was able to get such a good response rate by sending only one e-mail, he wasn’t pestering his clients and prospects. One thing he discovered from his survey was that customers actually want to hear more from his company, so he’s planning to start an e-newsletter with content based on customer preferences outlined in survey feedback.


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