Easy and Insightful Intranet Design Survey Software

Redesigning your company's Intranet

Who knows your company's Intranet better than your employees? Your Intranet is an integral part of day-to-day business — make sure it's designed with efficiency and ease in mind. Send out an e-survey with Ennect and learn right away if your employees are able to make the most of your Intranet.

The Importance of Surveying Your Intranet Design

If you take the time to analyze how productive your Intranet system actually is, you'll be able to focus energy in streamlining the routes you and your employees take on a daily basis... and that means higher efficiency.

  • You'll discover the hiccups that might exist in your Intranet
  • You'll patch up holes your employees have been jumping for far too long
  • You'll realize how an efficient Intranet can significantly boost production

Client Success Story

Ennect Survey Provides Insights That Foster Teamwork

For First Commonwealth Financial (FCF), one little survey has had a powerful impact on the way they do business. It started out simply as a way to learn how to revamp their intranet. Instead, it has empowered employees to continually improve their products, services and processes.


FCF has embarked on a journey to improve its customer experience, company culture, and team productivity. As a step in that direction, it decided to enhance its Intranet, the glue that connects all employees.


Instead of relying solely on Intranet best practices, Ennect Survey was used to identify the obstacles its employees face when using their current Intranet and capture the most desirable features.


Based on the survey results, FCF decided to humanize the growing organization with photos, create departmental short cuts for frequently used items, and create a suggestion box so employees have a perpetual voice for improving the system. Ennect Survey’s ‘tag cloud’ feature quickly. identified the major themes, without reading over 1,000 verbatim responses.


More empowered FCF employees have been glowing with praise for the new Intranet. Great ideas are no longer lost since employees are now actively using the suggestion box, and more importantly receiving responses from the Intranet team. Product related feedback goes directly to a product manager who gets back to the employee who made the suggestion within 24 hours. In addition, the Intranet is more personalized, is easier to navigate, and is encouraging participation with contests for customer stories.


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