Easy and Insightful Customer Service Survey Software

Gauge the Ultimate Functionality of your Company

Your organization, first and foremost, is made up of members. The productivity of your organization depends on the way your members interact and respond to each other and to your goals and objectives. Use Ennect Survey to determine the best course of action you and your membership ought to take to be successful.

The Importance of Surveying Your Customers

The dialogue between you and your customers is invaluable to solving problems in the front-end of your business. An online survey allows you to quickly identify problem points in your service to your customers. At the same time, a survey provides important feedback and reinforcement.

  • You'll make your customers feel more connected to your company
  • You'll improve your service and create return clients
  • You'll generate positive buzz by discovering what works

Client Success Story: Tele-Tracking Technologies, Inc.

Tele-Tracking Beats Goliaths


When encroaching deadlines and narrow budgets threatened Tele-Tracking’s campaigns, they needed an easy way to promote and manage their user group conferences, and get the most bang for their buck.


With a loyal client base and close client relationships, Tele-Tracking was off to the right start when promoting their events, but they didn’t have a way to effectively promote them.


Tele-Tracking decided to use Ennect Event conference management software because it’s easy to create an event Web site, easy to manage the event, and clients are able to register online.


By using Ennect Event, Tele-Tracking was able to promote their event so successfully that they actually had to close registration and push customers to the next conference. In fact, by using Ennect Event they’ve had a stronger response each time. Ennect puts them on the playing field with bigger competitors and makes them look sharper and more professional. Because of their success with Ennect Event, they’ve also started using Ennect Survey to send a monthly “Client Experience Survey” to garner customer feedback.


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