Easy and Insightful Alumni Survey Software

Reconnect with Lost Alumni and Maintain Ties

A college or university is only as successful as the resources which drive it, and oftentimes a vast resource remains untapped: alumni. Use Ennect Survey to reconnect with long-gone alumni and keep your school fresh in their minds, while at the same time learning how to better serve alumni in the future.

The Importance of Surveying Your Members

By surveying alumni, a college or university can discover how to offer programs or incentives so that recent graduates and alumni can remain active (and charitable) in the school's life. A healthy alumni program keeps alumni in contact, but a survey makes them feel that their opinions and desires are still making a difference on campus.

  • You'll keep in touch with lost alumni
  • You'll maintain ties with those who already donate
  • You'll offer a forum for an exchange of ideas with great minds
  • You'll improve your alumni program to keep graduates active

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