Easy and Insightful Web Survey Software

Save Time. Look Professional. Get Insight Fast.

Real-time Reporting & Metrics

Ennect Survey has been designed from the ground up with easy-to-use visual analysis tools that transform data into actionable insights.

Exclusive HotPlots shows participation over time so you know exactly when to send a reminder.

Powerful Compare-O-Gram lets you create groups, compare their responses and determine what they value most.

Brand Customization

Customize your web surveys to support your brand logo, brand colors and brand messages.

Create a vanity URL for the survey site as well as customized brand-consistent invites and thank-you messages.


Powerful Survey Creation

Use one of the starter survey templates or create a new one from scratch with point-click-type-ease.

Supports a wide variety of question/answer types, including skip-logic based on responses.

Simplified Interface

Simplicity is easy-to-promise and hard-to-achieve. Our customers tell us Ennect Survey has achieved it.

Enjoy point-click-type ease of entire interface, consistent placement of status and actions across all tabs, and simple explanations of what and why for each field and screen.

Convenient Survey User Experience

Our survey configurator enables respondents to comfortably fill the survey.

Activate optional pagination to create the perception that filling the survey is easy and painless.

Combine responses and skip logic to move respondents rapidly through the survey.

List Management

Ennect Survey utilities will free your IT department to focus on more important things.

Get powerful control of your lists and contacts: Add, update, merge, de-duplicate, subtract, extract random samples for acceptable reliability, transfer opt-outs from one list to another, opt a contact back into a list.

Share lists, opt-outs and bounce-backs with Ennect Mail, Ennect Event and Ennect Sweeps.

Ironclad Safety

Ennect Survey software protects your data as if it were ours. We go beyond the standard security and safety features outlined in the FAQs.

Safety features include: SSL protected logins to prevent password theft, programming to protect from malicious tampering of URL, and separation of data from the application to protect data from hackers.

Hi-speed Broadcasting

Send your timed broadcasts with a peace of mind. Send emails at the rate of 40,000 to 60,000 per hour.

Various question types
Single line text box Use for one-word responses
Multi-line text area Enables answer to include more than one line of text
Checkbox question Useful when answer could be ‘all that apply’
Radio button question Limits respondent to pick only one answer
Drop down list Gives respondent 1 choice from a list / also use for skip logic
Radio button matrix Construct one neat table, useful when response choices repeat
Survey templates
Customer satisfaction Survey Understand customers’ needs and wants
Employee satisfaction survey Get insights to motivate employees
Sample event conference evaluation survey Learn how to improve your next event
Market research survey Evaluate price elasticity, product demand, etc.
Website usability Survey Find out if your site is easy-to-navigate
Survey Builder
Customize the look of the survey Make survey match corporate
Change the colors Create visual consistency
Add a logo So participants recognize brand
Name the survey Name appears in URL
Add banners for branding Customize to meet your needs
Add Flash images to survey for fun and further branding For fun and further branding
Add HTML images to survey Insert directly to survey
Skip Logic available Skip logic allows participants to answer only relevant questions
Pagination Display questions on multiple pages
Customize ‘Thank You’ page for completed surveys Write audience-specific message
Add unlimited questions Increases effectiveness
Limit the number of responses Gather only the number of responses you need
Choose to allow respondents to go back and change responses Promotes thoughtful responses
Choose not to allow respondents to go back and change responses Get respondents first reaction
Vanity url for survey provided Vanity URLs make you look professional
Easily reorder the questions Reduce errors
Copy surveys to save time for future similar projects Save time
Copy questions Increase productivity
Modify questions Edit without having to completely rewrite survey
Reorder responses View responses in various ways
Survey Execution
Send free email invites to participate in survey Save money
Detailed tracking reports for survey email invites Get details on opens, click throughs, opt-outs, hard and soft bounces
Template email for easy execution Saves time in survey execution
Participate link already included in email invite No struggle with linking survey to email
Ability to customize message in email invite for branding Means no need to get IT team involved
Generate random samples from lists Get a list to sample with just one click
Choose the number to sample You choose how many people to pull to sample survey
Samples pulled automatically Saves time
Samples are removed as part of whole No need to manually remove samples from master list
Survey url post on website, linked to a banner or emailed Can post survey on Website
Ability to pass variables in survey url for tracking More tracking based on individual needs
Survey Reports
Get response overview Visual graphs provide quick read
Get individual responses Know who completed the survey
Insert filters to gain deeper insight Temporarily remove some responses for different insight
View responses in text Verbatim responses overview
View responses in chart format Visual graphs per question
Reports to show number of responses by date Visual overview
Compare responses based on how respondents answer specific questions Compare when respondents completed survey to overall Ennect community
Compare response rates to others in the Ennect Community Log in and see responses instantly
View responses in real time Eliminate the responses for those who did not complete survey
Filter out Partial responses If n/a is a response choice weed out the ones who answered with n/a or ‘does not apply’
Filter out Matrix responses Put response data into company reports, etc.
Export all responses to Excel Duplicate feature
Choose to show all results or filter out partial responses Figure out where the respondents are falling off
New Tag Clouds for verbatim responses View tag clouds to quickly evaluate patterns
Annual subscription $250 unlimited surveys, unlimited responses for 1 year Use survey tool as much as you want for 1 year
Pay 10 cents per response Pay only for what you need
No Long term contract required Just execute
Free ongoing phone support For years Ennect users have praised our support team
Free ongoing email support Call anytime with questions

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