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Tele-Tracking Gets Closer to Customers with Ennect


  • Ennect Survey helps company collect timely customer feedback.
  • Ennect Event puts TeleTracking on level playing field with bigger competitors.

TeleTracking Technologies is a leading provider of patient flow automation solutions to the hospital industry. Its Capacity Management Solutions™ have revolutionized patient flow processes, resulting in improved efficiencies relating to bed turnover, patient placement and transport management processes in more than 730 hospitals throughout the world. One of TeleTracking’s biggest issues is communication, both internally and with clients and prospects, to assure that everyone is on the same page. Ennect Event and Survey have helped TeleTracking improve their communications campaigns and marketing efforts.

Doing More with Less

As with many companies, resources are a challenge at TeleTracking. “Like all smart marketers, we are trying to keep up, divide and conquer, and we're using tools to do more with less. Our typical marketing approach combines client referrals, trade shows, direct mail, online with website, SEO, and advertising in industry publications. With a limited marketing budget, we have to get the biggest return or greatest bang for the buck,” explained Chris Anderson, director of marketing.

As an emarketing toolkit that combines a series of functions, Ennect provided a full complement of functions that looked attractive to TeleTracking. “Ennect looked interesting to us, so we decided to give it a shot,” said Anderson.

Ennect Event Tracks and Attracts Users Group Attendees

TeleTracking hosts user group conferences three times a year. Ennect Event has made it easier to promote and manage these conferences, according to Anderson. “The Ennect conference management software is easy to create and easy to deliver on-line. Clients find it convenient to register online. While Tele-Tracking has a close relationship with clients, we struggled in the past to communicate with all of our clients. Ennect has improved this relationship and made it easier to manage,” Anderson added.

“Ennect Event allowed us to do an invitation blast to contacts, who quickly registered online. As a result we have had to close registrations and push customers to the next conference. In fact, with Ennect Event promotion usage over the last three conferences, we've gotten stronger response each time. What also helps is our viral marketing strategy and our clients’ enthusiasm, both of which make it easier to prepare and plan for our special events,” said Anderson.

Gaining Customer Insight Using Ennect Survey

“Ennect gives us the ability to quantify and improve our performance.”

Chris Anderson

Director of Marketing
Department of Marketing and Media Relations

Because of TeleTracking’s success with Ennect Event, the company started using Ennect Survey. “We are sending a monthly ‘Client Experience Survey’ after every implementation of our solution to provide us with comments and feedback. Customers now feel that they have an avenue to communicate with us,” said Anderson. “Ennect gives us the ability to quantify and improve our performance.”

“Ennect has definitely made things easier. Tasks are no longer so tedious, and Ennect has given me the freedom to attend to supervisory tasks and strategic planning. Plus,” said Anderson, “Ennect places us on an even playing field with bigger competitors, and more importantly it makes us look sharper and smarter.”

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