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Analytics, Response Rate Impress PR Firm


  • Ennect Survey replaced costly paper evaluations and boosted efficiency of data collection.
  • Online outreach simplified since multiple Ennect tools use the same registration mail list.

For over 10 years, the Heinz Family Philanthropies have been sponsoring the Women’s Health & the Environment: New Science, New Solutions conference in Boston. When this event was held in a new city, the event sponsor, Magee-Womens Hospital hired McMahon & Cardillo to promote the event.

This full-service PR firm coordinates over a dozen events a year. They get great results for clients by relying on tried-and-true methods – traditional advertising and public relations tactics. This time, they added something new to the mix: Ennect Survey and Ennect Mail. The results so impressed them that they now call themselves Ennect evangelists.

PR Firm Explains Ennect’s Impact on Their Success

“This was the first time this event was held in Pittsburgh, so we were concerned about having enough attendees,” said Sue Cardillo, principal of McMahon & Cardillo. “The goal was between 1,800 and 2,000 people.”

To promote the event, the firm used traditional advertising as well as public relations tactics. The advertising included billboards, radio and print. The public relations included pitching the conference to television, radio, online and print outlets. In the end, Cardillo explained: “We exceeded our attendance goals and had to close registration two weeks earlier than we had anticipated.”

"We used Ennect Mail to confirm registration and provide details about parking. We found Ennect Mail to be easy to use and extremely efficient. After the event, we used Ennect Survey to gather feedback from participants,” Cardillo explained.

“The best part was once we uploaded the registration database into Ennect Mail, it was also available to be used with other Ennect products. We used the same database when we sent out our follow-up survey using Ennect Survey. The survey tool even provided data charts to show results. It doesn’t get better than that. Using the Ennect products made our lives SO much easier,” said Cardillo.

Online Surveys Simplify Data Gathering

“When we’ve surveyed in the past it’s often been with paper surveys gathered on the spot. This method wasn't ideal. At the conclusion of most events, people just want to leave and not bother with surveys. So the response rates aren’t as great as those we received from Ennect Survey,” Cardillo said, “and compiling data from paper surveys is extremely time consuming and a drain on the budgets of most clients. With a 34% response rate using Ennect Survey, we were thrilled!”

“Ennect Survey was the BEST tactic we could have implemented for the conference. It’s so affordable.”

Sue Cardillo

McMahon & Cardillo

“The Heinz Endowments and Magee-Womens Hospital couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” said Cardillo. “We’re all happy with the response rate, but the best information is the incredible feedback that Ennect Survey enabled us to get from the conference attendees. To have measurable results like these lets us know that we did a lot right. It’s great to be validated.”

“Ennect Survey was the BEST tactic we could have implemented for the conference. It’s so affordable when compared to a paper survey,” Cardillo said. “I think that’s the best surprise of all. Our client got outstanding survey results for less than what most people pay for a pair of shoes!”

“The primary goal of the survey results was for the detailed report we created for The Heinz Endowments and Magee-Womens Hospital. The report will help to shape conferences in the future and will also be used to shape future communication to attendees,” explained Cardillo. “For McMahon & Cardillo, the feedback we received on conference logistics will be helpful as we plan future conferences and events.”

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