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Ennect Helps Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh Operate More Efficiently

FHLB Pittsburgh.


  • FHLBank follows up with electronic surveys to garner participant feedback
  • In preparation for re-introducing popular programs, FHLBank uses Ennect Survey to capture comments/suggestions from previous program participants

What do financial institutions from communities as diverse as Philadelphia, PA, Lewes, DE and Mount Hope, WV all have in common?

They all have the opportunity to become members of the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) of Pittsburgh.

In 1932, Congress created a network of regionally focused, privately owned wholesale banks, called the Federal Home Loan Banks, to pool resources so that members could finance housing, jobs and economic growth in their individual communities.

FHLBank Pittsburgh serves members in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and has nearly 300 member institutions. How can they communicate with, and understand the needs of, all of those members? Enter Ennect.

Ennect helps the Bank fulfill its guiding principles," says Eric Slomer, FHLBank’s Bank Strategy & Member Development Manager. "We can focus on our membership by informing members of the Bank’s benefits through Ennect surveys and email blasts. We can also achieve organizational excellence through using Ennect tools that help us operate more efficiently.

Eric remembers the days before he started using Ennect emarketing software. There was a tremendous amount of time and expense associated with sending out one or two paper mailings per week, plus the membership surveys only happened once each year. Happily, that has all changed.

Proactive & Responsive, Thanks to Electronic Surveys

Once FHLBank started using Ennect Survey, Bank staff realized the many ways it might be used to enhance productivity. Here are a few examples of how FHLBank uses the Ennect Survey tool:

  • At the completion of continuing professional education (CPE) credit programs offered to members, FHLBank follows up with an electronic survey to garner participant feedback – a mandatory requirement for all state-approved program sponsors.
  • In preparation for re-introducing a popular program that had been suspended, FHLBank used Ennect Survey to capture comments/suggestions from previous program participants. That information enabled FHLBank to make key operational modifications to the program to ensure ease of use for the planned re-launch.
  • When FHLBank recently made modifications to a loan agreement, Ennect Mail was used to notify affected member institutions. How did they make sure the institution read and acknowledged the announcement? They imbedded a survey into the Ennect Email blast to confirm acknowledgement.
  • After FHLBank consolidated operations, quarterly Ennect Surveys were sent to members to ensure service levels hadn’t been jeopardized in the process.

The FHLBank still does its annual yearly membership satisfaction survey by phone; however, when staff wanted more information about the responses they received to two particular questions, they followed up with an Ennect survey to gather more insights into those particular areas.

Eric estimates the Bank sends out Ennect Surveys three to five times a year on an ad hoc basis.

"We can focus on our membership by informing members of the Bank’s benefits through Ennect surveys and email blasts. We can also achieve organizational excellence through using Ennect tools that help us operate more efficiently."

Eric Slomer

Bank Strategy & Member Development Manager

Tool Excels at Data Collection

Using Ennect has enabled the Bank to save time and money, plus become more efficient.

In addition, Eric explains, “…the best attribute of the Ennect Survey tool is that it is very easy to export the responses from the survey tool into Excel, which makes it easier to analyze the qualitative data.”

Ennect Support Goes the Extra Mile

While the Ennect tools are designed to be easy to use, occasionally customers have a question or two.

“The live online chat feature is extremely easy to use,” says Eric. “Once we had engaged in a chat with questions regarding survey logic. Based on the series of questions we had asked, the staff recognized we were trying to incorporate some fairly complex logic into the survey process that might be challenging.”

A few hours after the chat session ended, a member of the Ennect support staff followed up with a phone call.

“The staff reached out to us later that day to ensure that the direction they provided in the chat was effective in resolving our inquiry,” adds Eric. “The customer support is extremely helpful!”

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