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The Importance of Building Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to provide extra value and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your contacts. Doing an e-Newsletter with Ennect Mail instead of a print newsletter can save you up to 75%. Keep in touch with old customers and reach out to new prospects, vendors, and partners with Ennect Mail.

  • You'll keep in contact with your customers
  • You'll drive new sales with promotions and giveaways
  • You'll maintain relationships and foster brand loyalty

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Client Success Story: Channel M

Channel M Uses Ennect Mail Hot Prospects Tool to Convert Readers Into New Clients


Channel M, the world’s largest non-traditional media company and the leading provider of retail marketing services, needed a way to reach their clients quickly, easily and efficiently.


They decided to use direct email marketing to reach their clients, and wanted a tool that offered great functionality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.


They began using Ennect Mail to distribute a monthly e-newsletter to 28,000 media and marketing professionals. Because of the Ennect Mail template design flexibility, Channel M could customize their newsletters and stay true to their brand.


Channel M used the Hot Prospect feature, which color-codes and ranks those who open and read the e-newsletter, to track reader activity. The day after sending out an e-blast, they’re able to share information with the sales team about who has shown the most interest in a particular newsletter. Channel M has started more than 30 promising relationships with top executives as a result of the e-newsletter effort.


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