Easy and Insightful Bulk Email Software

Save Time. Look Professional. Get Insight Fast.

Real-time Reporting & Metrics

Exclusive HotPlots shows participation over time so you know exactly when to send a reminder.

Powerful Compare-O-Gram lets you create groups, compare their responses and determine what they value most.

Brand Customization

Customize your emails to support your brand logo, brand colors and brand messages.

Use custom HTML for complete creative control, or drag and drop elements around the screen.

Simplified Interface

Simplicity is easy-to-promise and hard-to-achieve. Our customers tell us Ennect Mail has achieved it.

Enjoy point-click-type ease of entire interface, consistent placement of status and actions across all tabs, and simple explanations of what and why for each field and screen.

List Management

Ennect Mail utilities will free your IT department to focus on more important things.

Get powerful control of your lists and contacts: Add, update, merge, de-duplicate, subtract, transfer opt-outs from one list to another, opt a contact back into a list.

Share lists, opt-outs and bounce-backs with Ennect Survey, Ennect Event and Ennect Sweeps.

Ironclad Safety

Ennect Mail protects your data as if it were ours. We go beyond the standard security and safety features outlined in the FAQs.

Safety features include: SSL protected logins to prevent password theft, programming to protect from malicious tampering of URL, and separation of data from the application to protect data from hackers.

Hi-speed Broadcasting

Send your timed broadcasts with a peace of mind. Send bulk emails at the rate of 40,000 to 60,000 per hour.

List Management
4-step easy list upload wizard
Upload list via csv file
Upload list via txt file
Upload list via Excel file
Append to already existing list
Auto exclude duplicate contacts
Subtract contact from existing list
Transfer opt outs from one list to another
Ability to remove hard bounces right from report
Manually create list
Archive lists
Rename a list
Prepare Emails
Choose from already existing template
Create newsletter from existing template
Create promotion from existing template
Create bulletins from existing templates
Adjust any of the existing templates for own use
Copy a template
Create your own html email
Create text email
Customize the ‘from’ email’
Save and rename prepared emails
Archive past email templates
WYSIWYG editor
Image hosting
Image library for future use of images
Upload multiple Images
Choose to Include Opt Out Link with existing instructions
May choose to not include opt-out link
Add link tracking to email click through urls
Can remove link tracking if desired
Sending Emails
Secure server
Sent from Non-black listed IP addresses
NO wait time for emails to be delivered
Ability to schedule times to send emails
Real time reporting
Emails Open reports
Emails Bounce back reports
Separated list reports for soft bounces
List report for hard bounces
Ability to remove all hard bounces from list
Detailed click through report
View hottest prospects across all campaigns
Archive reports
Ability to export all report
Chart displayed reporting

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