Easy and Insightful Sales-generating Newsletters

Channel M Uses Ennect Mail to Identify Top Prospects for Sales Team


  • Hottest Prospects report provides fast leads for sales team.
  • Newsletters share program ideas and results that spur new business calls from prospects.

Channel M originated the idea of face-based marketing, integrating media, events, sampling and promotions as a way to better target customers. One of the first companies to launch in-store television networks, its first network -- located in mall-based arcades -- has been operational for over 15 years. Today, Channel M’s portfolio reaches into retail and lifestyle venues ranging from amusement parks to airlines. The largest non-traditional media company in the world, Channel M reaches more than 2.8 billion targeted consumers annually. Even though non-traditional media placement has been around for more than a decade, there remains plenty of education to do in terms of highlighting Channel M’s full offering and capabilities. So, when it came time to promote itself, Channel M turned to Ennect Mail.

Channel M Uses Email Newsletters to Stay Front-of-Mind

“We use Ennect Mail to distribute a monthly newsletter to 28,000 media and marketing professionals,” said Evan Blittner, Channel M’s marketing director. “Our objective is to raise brand awareness and stay top-of-mind with media and marketing executives.”

The newsletters enable the company to share best practices and results from one venue or client that will spur the thinking of another. Channel M’s newsletters bring home the power of 360-degree integration.

“We looked around at email marketing software and felt that Ennect Mail offered great functionality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. We began using Ennect online marketing tools in December of 2005,” Blittner added. “Ennect Mail proved itself to be best in class. Its template design flexibility allows us to customize the newsletters and stay true to brand.”

Like Any Messaging, Good Information Generates Interest

“We rely on the Hottest Prospects feature extensively. By the second day after we send out the Ennect Mail, I can share good intelligence with the sales team about who has shown the most interest in a particular topic. It makes follow-up far more time efficient and productive,” said Blittner.

“We’ve started more than 30 promising relationships with top executives in a variety of industries as a result of the newsletter effort.”

Evan Blittner

Marketing Director
Channel M

Channel M can trace a comprehensive marketing program that they developed with a major toy manufacturer to an initial newsletter follow-up. “The client really got intrigued by our strategic relationship with My Gym, the number one child fitness center company in the United States,” said Blittner. “Beyond that, we’ve started more than 30 promising relationships with top executives in a variety of industries including film and gaming as a result of the newsletter effort.”

“We’d like to use Ennect more broadly in promotion across all of our venues,” commented Blittner. “It’s proven to be incredibly timely, such as when we had a last-minute opportunity for ad space present itself, and we could inform and illustrate the opportunity for our client base with really fast execution.”

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