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The Rosen Group Has Crafty Reasons to Use eMarketing

The Rosen Group


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The Rosen Group is a multi-faceted arts marketing, publishing and advocacy group. Its mission is to help American and Canadian artists grow their businesses in the global marketplace. Achieving this is a lot more complex than it sounds, since arts communities are widespread, diverse, and busy! To effectively connect with artists across North America on a regular basis, The Rosen Group uses eMarketing tools from Ennect.

"We have a lot of reasons to market," says Jean Thompson, director of circulation, marketing, and public relations for The Rosen Group. Her title belies the breadth of her company's offerings which include: arts magazines, trade shows, advocacy groups, and an online storefront where artists can showcase their offerings.

Marketing Multi-faceted Offerings

"We sponsor a series of wholesale tradeshows for artists where buyers from studio art galleries, museum stores, catalog publishers, and other retailers come to buy high quality arts and crafts. We also publish two national arts magazines. The most prominent one is American Style, a lifestyle and arts magazine for people who collect luxury hand craft. In addition," says Thompson, "we are the home office for two non-profit arts organizations: the Arts Business Institute and the American Made Alliance.

"The Arts Business Institute is a 'pop-up' school which brings veteran retailers or professional artists to communities around the country to teach artists everything they don't learn in art school about how to sell their craft: how to price it, how to market it, how to go to a trade show, how to contact galleries and museum stores and other businesses, and how to run a business. The other group - the American Made Alliance - works to promote American-made crafts. When you buy from an American artist, you're putting money back into the local community."

Reaching Diverse Audiences with eMarketing

"Ennect is a great tool for managing my multiple list resources," says Thompson. "These include lists of media we contact to talk about what's happening at our shows, convention and visitors bureaus who are interested in what's happening at American Style, lists of artists, and lists of retailers. We reach out to these contacts at various times and for various reasons."

"Ennect not only lets us create, archive and track the different messages we're sending out but, also, it lets us know right away who's opening them."

Jean Thompson

Director of Circulation, Marketing, and Public Relations
The Rosen Group

The Rosen Group uses Ennect Mail to cost-effectively market its on-location as well as its online tradeshows both to the artists who come to exhibit there and to the wholesalers who come to buy their work.

"Ennect Mail isn't just a promotional tool for us. It's also the fastest and least expensive way for us to reach all our US and Canadian exhibitors with checklists about preparing for the shows. We also use it to remind our virtual exhibitors to update their online storefronts," comments Thompson. "Ennect not only lets us create, archive and track the different messages we're sending out but, also, it lets us know right away who's opening them."

Managing Multiple Diverse Lists

With a 30 year history, The Rosen Group has a lot of contacts to manage, and it regularly adds to its database. "The crafts world has a lot of associations and guilds for groups like silversmiths, potters, glassblowers, people who make glass beads, etc. There are also retailer associations. Some groups share or rent their lists. Using Ennect Mail, we can put together specific promotions for different groups quickly, efficiently, and affordably," Thompson explains.

"Ennect enables us to refine our lists so they're up to date or to combine groups from our lists. It also allows us to easily update our lists to manage opt-outs. We don't want to SPAM anyone," says Thompson.

"And we're getting better at being able to make our messages look good. In the beginning we just sent text and now we include pictures and graphics," says Thompson. This comes in handy since The Rosen Group likes to create promotions that put the artists out front. Showcasing the artists—their products and their stories - is a more inviting way for the company to market its own events and services. And, championing artists is, after all, the mission of the company. EMarketing with Ennect helps make it all work effectively.

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