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A Mother's Boutique Sends E-Mail Promotions, Unloads Inventory


  • See instantly who the most actively engaged prospects and customers are.
  • Store multiple lists and track results over time.

A Mother's Boutique, an online retail store specializing in clothes and accessories for new mothers, is a work-at-home business. President and Owner Judy Masucci started her company after giving birth to her first child and returning to corporate America. The long hours in the office and the out-of-town travel were too much for her and in October 2006 she quit corporate life but not ‘work life.' A Mother's Boutique resulted from her discovery of an "unmet need" -- helping new moms find quality clothing and products that would enable them to successfully nurse their newborns. Masucci turned to Ennect Mail as a convenient way to reach customers and prospects to increase sales on her Web site.

Ennect Mail Helps Move Inventory

A Mother's Boutique provides everything that new mothers need in one convenient location. Based on her own experience as a working mother, both in the outside business world and as an at-home worker, Masucci has chosen items that work for buyers in different personal and professional categories of motherhood. The site offers top-name brands of stylish casual and dress wear for all types of occasions as well as helpful nursing devices.

To help move her inventory, Masucci decided to run email promotions. To boost interest, she focused her campaigns around holidays, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and the "birthday" of her own business.

Coming from a corporate background, Masucci knew to target her buyers. She divided her contact list into customers and prospects, tailoring her communications to each group. She selected Ennect to reach her targets because, "Ennect Mail allows me to track exactly who has opened and clicked on the emails I send."

Masucci provided a discount, and included a promotional code in her emails so she was able to track the number of customers who purchased due to her promotions. By using Ennect, Masucci knows not only who ended up purchasing, but, also, who clicked on the site and didn't purchase. This is valuable information that she can use in the future to increase the effectiveness of her campaigns.

Ennect Mail Reports Help Identify Prime Targets

Ennect Mail allows marketers to measure who the most actively engaged prospects and customers are at any given time. This happens through the product's Hottest Prospects report, one of many reports in the Ennect tool. The Hottest Prospects report helps companies focus on high return activities.

"Ennect Mail allows me to track exactly who has opened and clicked on the emails I send."

Judy Masucci

President and Owner
A Mother's Boutique

The history of each of Masucci's contacts is stored in Ennect Mail. Subscribers can store up to 100,000 email addresses and up to 100,000 responses for free, but additional storage can be purchased if needed.

Ennect also provides easy-to-use visual analysis tools. Users can quickly see email opens, click-throughs, and bouncebacks. Such information helps marketers, like Masucci, improve their email success and gain better return for the efforts.

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