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Beautiful Photos Become Star Attraction in E-newsletter


  • Template is very user-friendly
  • Successfully manage mass email communication campaigns

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? If your business is visually driven, the answer is undeniably yes!

Mosaic is a party linen rental company with one of the largest, most unique inventories of tablecloths, overlays, and napkins in the country. Party planners depend on Mosaic to help them create everything from the Pittsburgh Steelers ring ceremony, obviously decorated in black and gold; to an Alice in Wonderland event, featuring bright colors and oversized tea cups; to a corporate event, with stunning black and white chevron tablecloths, and much, much more.

Keeping Costs Down In a Tough Economy

The United States Postal Service, FedEX and UPS all play a vital role in getting fine fabrics, silk covered lampshades and other accessories to venues across the country, but when it comes to keeping in touch with clients, Mosaic uses Ennect Mail. Yes, sending full color mailers would be a beautiful way to sell her services, but that is simply cost prohibitive. Mosaic takes advantage of Ennect’s affordable price options to keep costs down. Ennect supports all levels of business from pay-as-you-go to volume bundle discounts.

Ennect Creates Custom Template To Showcase Photos

Susie Perelman, owner of Mosaic, was originally using another email service. It worked just fine but wasn’t very flexible or original. That didn’t match Mosaic’s brand image.

“My business style is known for being very fashion forward and original so I needed an email blast format that matched my style,” she explains.

The Ennect design team took the time to listen and understand her business, and built a custom template that could feature large photos and images. Of course, the template was built to be very user-friendly and no design or web development skills are needed to insert images and copy.

The result is just what Mosaic needed. As Susie puts it, “Through email blasts I can send lots of photos which can be blown up, and I can link viewers back to the photo galleries on my website to see more images from the events.

Ennect Used to Stay Top of Mind

It’s not every day that a person plans a gala, a wedding, a bat mitzvah or an elaborate corporate event. It’s important that Susie keeps in touch with people on an ongoing basis. That way, when a person is planning an event, the first phone call they make is to Mosaic.

“Every year I exhibit at a national tradeshow. This provides great leads for me. In addition, my website enables viewers to send inquiries, which creates even more leads,” says Susie. “With these leads, I am able to reach out electronically and share information with them to keep them thinking of Mosiac. Now, we are doing a lot of social media too which keeps the interest in an organic way.”

She sends emails frequently during event season that showcase Mosaic’s stylish work and to show clients what is current and in the moment in the fashion and event industry. She also sends email alerts to communicate standard business matters, such as holiday hours and other important announcements.

Advice for Other Business Owners

"The support team at Elliance is always there for us. If we are having difficulty with uploading images, managing our lists or formatting our e-blasts, they are always a phone call or email away."

Susie Perelman


Susie has been operating Mosaic for 12 years, the last four of which she’s used Ennect to successfully manage her mass email communication campaigns for clients and prospective business alike. She shares the following tips for those who want to use email to engage customers and clients:

  • You have to find the right balance for keeping information in front of your clients but not sending so much that clients just delete without viewing because they get too many from you.
  • An eye-catching opening image and slogan is always helpful to peak interest.
  • Finding a format that is visually easy to navigate. This will also encourage clients to stay on the page and explore further.

Ennect Support Team Called Excellent

Mosaic has partnered with Ennect since 2009. Over the years, Susie has had a very positive experience with the company.

“The support team at Elliance is always there for us. If we are having difficulty with uploading images, managing our lists or formatting our e-blasts, they are always a phone call or email away,” adds Susie. “We really appreciate their excellent customer service as it helps Mosaic communicate with our clients in a timely and professional way,”


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