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  • Once an Event Website is created, it can be copied for use again and again
  • Mail list management is centralized; lists can be used across all Ennect modules

Twice a year, six universities in Atlanta, Georgia, combine forces to present the "Discover the Executive Masters in Business Administration Advantage" event. Handling the registration for such an undertaking has the potential to bring on a migraine. But on the day after the event, Elena Santana, program coordinator from Georgia Tech College of Management, was calm, composed and full of praise for how easily she was able to click her way through all the details.

Event Website Re-use Is a Key Feature

To make the "Discover the EMBA Advantage" event come to life, each university takes on a different role. When it was Georgia Tech College of Management's turn to handle promoting and registering attendees, they searched for online event software to simplify the process.

Georgia Tech chose Ennect Event for a variety of reasons. "The biggest advantage is that we can activate, deactivate and later copy and update the Website for the next event. It means we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time," said Santana. This minimizes work, since the same group of universities hosts the event twice a year.

Registration Made Simpler

We used one minute radio commercials to promote the event. Once people heard the radio spot, they could go to the Website for information. "People didn't have to contact me to ask, 'What is this all about?' All the answers were right on the site," explained Santana.

"The biggest advantage is that we can activate, deactivate and later copy and update the Website for the next event."

Elena Santana

Program Coordinator
Georgia Tech College of Management

The Ennect Event Website made it easy for prospective students to find the information and register immediately. "The registration button took them directly to the order form. It was one, two, three clicks and done," said Santana. Upon registering, attendees received an automatic confirmation with their registration number.

At the same time, Ennect's real time data collection made it possible for the universities to capture the e-mail addresses of potential students. "Once people registered, I was able to export the information to an Excel spreadsheet and send the list out electronically to the other schools," Santana explained. "A lot of people said they wanted to be told about future events."

Making It Even Easier Next Time

For the next event, Santana is considering using Ennect Mail for follow-up mailings. Because email list management is centralized, the same lists can be used in all Ennect modules: Mail, Event, Survey, and Sweeps.

Said Santana, "We found Ennect Event to be user-friendly, easy, fun and affordable. It would be a good tool for anybody on campus who holds open houses, because doing everything online is just so much easier."

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