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  • Enewsletters helps marketing agency initiate conversations with prospects and customers.
  • Online event marketing makes managing national seminars easy.

The database for Sanders Consulting contains names for more than 10,000 advertising, marketing and communications agency executives. For over a decade, marketing professionals like these have turned to Sanders Consulting for strategies, tips and advice on how to land new business and retain that business. When he meets with clients, Bob Sanders, president of Sanders Consulting, stresses the importance of starting and keeping an ongoing dialog with current and potential customers. Sanders practices what he preaches, using Ennect Mail to distribute enewsletters and Ennect Event to plan numerous seminars his company presents throughout the United States.

Sanders Sends Enewsletters Bimonthly to 4,000 Recipients

Sanders started sending enewsletters as an easy way to stay in touch with people who are interested in what they're doing and who want to learn about their services and products.

To get readers to open his email, Sanders says, “Content is king; that's what people really want. If you think that you're just going to send out a newsletter that says, ‘Buy more of our stuff,’ that doesn't work as well as saying, ‘Here's something you might not have thought about. Here's a way to improve your new business operations or here's a way to improve your brand.’ Fill your newsletter with tips and really good information that companies can use.”

According to Sanders there are three key ways to use an enewsletter: First is for awareness building. Next is to create a relationship on a one-to-one basis, for example, being able to follow-up on the e-mails and have a conversation. Third is being able to listen and respond. “That's where a lot of firms tend to let go,” said Sanders. “If you really want to be successful, you have to follow up promptly and start communicating. You need to know how to listen and respond to the marketplace.”

This is where Ennect’s tracking tools come into play because they help users know who to follow up with. “Companies can look at who's clicking through multiple times and then give those people a call,” Sanders said. “For a company or agency in the business-to-business world, follow up is the most important aspect because 80% of the people you send something to will not have a need for what you are offering at that particular time. But next month they might, so it's that other percentage that you're trying to capture. The people that click-through are the ones that you want to have a conversation with. You're not trying to sell; you're just trying to position yourself. It’s basically, “When you're ready, we're here, we can listen and we can help.'”

Ennect Event Helps Market Seminars Across the Country

“The web is a very powerful tool and you need to take advantage of it. If you're going to do any type of event, whether it's for a client or for yourself, you want to make sure that you have a clean system that is easy to navigate and that people will use. And Ennect Event does all of that,” said Sanders.

“Every agency should have access to these types of tools and they should be using them.”

Bob Sanders

Sanders Consulting

Sanders does from five to 20 seminars a year on a regional basis throughout the country. By using Ennect Event in conjunction with Ennect Email, they could work from the same contact list, and integrate their marketing.

“Every agency should have access to these types of tools and they should be using them,” Sanders said. “They should start to create a strong database of people who might be interested in learning about their services. It helps in providing new business, it helps in positioning the firm and it makes it easier for a firm to offer something additional to their clients. Plus, they're easy to use.”

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