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It sounds like an unfortunate "Catch-22" situation. Chlorine, one of the most commonly used chemicals to keep our public water supply safe can sometimes react with naturally occurring matter (NOMs) to create by-products called trihalomethanes (TTHMs), and high concentrations of TTHMs are suspected of causing cancer. So in simple terms, the effort to make water clean enough to drink can in essence, still make people sick. Is it possible to keep Americans and Canadians safe from life-threatening, water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera and simultaneously reduce the TTHMs to levels deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

Yes, and Calgon Carbon Corporation is using Ennect marketing software to help municipalities, engineering firms and operators learn how.

Eliminating Chlorine, Not the Answer

When the EPA announced a deadline for utilities to reduce their TTHMs, some stopped using chlorine and instead disinfected the water with alternative chemicals such as chloramine and chlorine dioxide. However, recent research shows that these alternative disinfectant chemicals, while decreasing the TTHMs can create by-products that appear to be even more harmful.

If changing the disinfectant chemicals that are used doesn't help, what does?.

EPA Changes Prompt Calgon Carbon to Start Educational Seminars

Calgon Carbon has a technique to remove the NOMs from the water before they can react with any chemicals added to disinfect the water. Prior to 2009, Calgon Carbon's sales team utilized a variety of smaller, brown bag seminars to educate the public about this process, called Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), and once the EPA changed their guidelines to mandate the reduction in TTHM levels, the company realized they needed to up their game and find a way to spread the word about this technique to a much broader audience. That's when they decided to hold one-day seminars.

The events, which are held all across the United States and Canada, explains what Calgon Carbon does and how their technologies with activated carbon, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, oxidation, water reuse and ion exchange technologies can help them comply with the EPA's guidelines. This powerful GAC technology is a cost-effective natural alternative for clean, safe drinking water. These seminars help municipalities gain the technical knowledge they need to improve their water supplies.

Ennect Event Management Software Helps Establish Calgon Carbon as Industry Expert

Why did they decide to use Ennect to promote these events? As Jill Ricetti Marketing and Media Manager at Calgon Carbon explains, "It was the best and easiest way to communicate our program, know who signed up and retain the contact lists for future use." They combine the email invitations sent via Ennect with handwritten printed invitations for a more personal touch.

"It's the best and easiest way to communicate our program, providing quick access to registrations as well as retaining contact lists for future use."

Jill Ricetti

Marketing and media manager
Calgon Carbon Corporation

Since her staff is limited, Ricetti appreciates the ability to quickly track attendees. "The Ennect site is very easy to use and if a problem does arise, the chat or e-mail requests are addressed almost immediately by extremely professional, courteous and quick staff, she explains."

Using Ennect has made it easy to promote these events and more importantly, has made a positive impact on the entire company. "Our goal of being the industry expert is coming to fruition," explains Ricetti, "as more and more regional water organizations contact Calgon Carbon to host the seminars in their areas."

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