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Why Ennect?

Send visually rich emails and analyze results with ennect mail.

Online Surveys

Create online surveys quickly and analyze results with Ennect Survey.

Event Registration

Organize event registrations and analyze results with Ennect Event.

Online Sweepstakes

Administer online sweepstakes and analyze results with Ennect Sweeps.

What do you do when you have customers with more needs, more choices, and more marketplace noise to contend with than ever before? You use ennect's integrated online marketing software and eMarketing tools and apps to surround and engage them, and get them to interact with your products, your offers, and your company.

Ennect's easy-to-use eMarketing tools help get you the action you want, and give you many advantages over your other options.

Top Ten Reasons to Use Ennect Online Marketing Software

  1. SAVE MONEY: Eliminate postage and printing costs by taking your marketing online. If you're really into saving money, Ennect does not require a monthly or yearly contract - Just pay as you go!
  2. BYPASS THE IT DEPARTMENT: IT people are great. Unfortunately, they do not think the world revolves around you. Find a DIY online marketing tool like Ennect and the IT folks will never interfere with your deadlines again!
  3. LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL: Use the pre-existing, professionally designed templates and surveys that come with the Ennect marketing apps at no extra charge.
  4. SAVE TIME: Upload an email list, fill in the details, hit send and consider it done. Find an online marketing software like Ennect that's easy to use and you'll be rewarded with the fastest way to get the job done.
  5. GET INSIGHTS FAST: Ennect online marketing software gives you instant insights. Our tools and marketing apps provide charts, geomaps, tag clouds and funnels. Plus it ranks the people that you should be contacting with a follow up calls.
  6. AUTOMATE THE SPREADSHEET CHAOS: ENNECT Event registration tools keep track of event attendees data and Ennect online surveys calculate results automatically. Much faster than doing it in Excel
  7. SAVE TREES: Go green by sending email newsletters and invitations. It is good for the environment and good for business.
  8. IMPRESS THE BOSS: If you are working faster, coming in under budget and have a handle on the ROI, kudos and high-fives are bound to come your way and maybe even that promotion!
  9. OUTSOURCE ROUTINE TASKS: Don't you have better things to do than sit around removing duplicates from your email list, managing opt-outs and bounce backs? Ennect marketing software does this for you.
  10. CULTIVATE TOP MIND AWARENESS: Since marketing apps and online marketing software are easy to use and inexpensive, you can keep your customers engaged with your brand. Provide them with valuable info and they'll reward you with loyalty.


Let's start here. If something is hard to use, it doesn't get used. We've made Ennect addictively easy, and we're integrating comments from users (like you) all the time to make it even more of what you want. All Ennect products share a single, common interface, so if you know one, you know them all.


Ennect's not just easy, it's fast. Time from sign-up to deploying your first eMarketing effort is usually under 10 minutes.


Just because it's fast and easy doesn't mean that Ennect isn't powerful. Ennect tools are easy enough for part-time marketers to become expert, and powerful enough to handle big mailings, big surveys, big events, or big sweepstakes.


Everyone in the organization — from CEO to part-time marketer — wants to know what's working, what isn't, and why. Ennect gives you highly-visual, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use insight tools that help you see exactly what's going on with your eMarketing effort.


We're a little embarrassed about this one. We should be telling you that no one ever calls for support because the products are so easy to use. But the fact is, our customers rave about our support (and everyone needs a little help sometime). So while everyone agrees that the products are ridiculously easy to use, isn't it nice to know that award-winning, round-the-clock support is available, should you ever need it?

Low Cost

The short answer: yes, Ennect is as low in cost as competitive products (the fact is, all eMarketing tools are fairly low cost, compared to traditional marketing efforts). The better answer is that Ennect product costs start out low, and get even lower with volume discounts and bundled pricing (bundle all four Ennect products for example and save, well, a bundle).

ENNECT with Me!

Ennect is the easy, fast, powerful, insightful, low-cost way to get close, stay close, and stay connected with your customers. Give us a try and then, please, let us know what you think.


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