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Customer Survey Software Helps Fairfax County Federal Credit Union :: Ennect

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Pittsburgh, PA, October 1, 2009  -- Fairfax County Federal Credit Union (FCFCU), headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, has upped the ante on traditional banking best practice for collecting customer feedback by moving from annual to real-time surveys using customer survey software from Ennect, headquartered here. Not only has the move to online surveys reduced cost, it has also helped the credit union increase the products and services that members use.

With the help of Ennect, FCFCU has adopted a more advanced form of surveying customers than most banks have in place today. “Few financial institutions do surveys on a transactional level in real time. Generally they survey customers every one or two years, but by the time they process the data, the economic outlook could change and results could be stale,” explained Matthew Kaudy, FCFCU’s chief marketing officer.

FCFCU previously relied on paper surveys to gauge member experiences at its various branches. The Credit Union turned to online survey software from Ennect as a more efficient and cost-effective way to gain insight into its service delivery. “What we wanted to do was improve our survey response rate and cut costs,” said Kaudy. “Converting from paper to electronic format allowed us to do both.”  It, also, allows FCFCU to make adjustments quickly.

“We reviewed several vendors’ online products and selected Ennect because it gave us more options for survey customization,” said Kaudy. “Ennect’s reports provided greater flexibility for extracting and analyzing data. And the pricing was very competitive.”

Surveying Customers for Real Time Responses and Actionable Data

The credit union currently delivers two types of surveys using Ennect: a new member and a transactional survey. The latter is sent out daily to 600 randomly selected customers. By doing surveys on a daily basis, the credit union removes the lag time of paper mail and reaches people in a more timely fashion, according to Kaudy.

Ennect’s easy-to-use visual analysis tools transform the data FCFCU collects into actionable insights. This allows the credit union to identify issues and look for trends among its membership. The responses allow the credit union to make changes that result in positive effects like shorter wait times at branches and other service improvements.

The survey program is managed by Ennect as another way to trim costs. The credit union provides basic survey content and leaves the rest to Ennect.

“Ennect provides ‘a-to-z’ service to us, making the program turnkey and cost effective. The service allows me to outsource the survey design, list management, and program maintenance rather than having to allocate internal resources for these tasks,” said Kaudy.

The program has had a positive effect on FCFCU’s bottom line as well. “The timeliness of the surveys allows us to quickly identify problem areas and retain the business of our customers. It’s a winning proposition all around,” Kaudy explained.

About Fairfax County Federal Credit Union

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union (FCFCU), headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, been serving the financial needs of government employees in Fairfax Cnty, Virginia. In 2004 it also started serving the non-government employees who live, work, attend school or volunteer in Fairfax County. As the size of its member base has grown, the credit union has opened new branches and added new services. Today, FCFCU manages approximately $250 million dollars in assets for more than 22,000 members and operates five separate walk-in branches as well as a customer call center. The credit union also offers secure, web-based access to members who want to get information, manage accounts or open new services online.

About Ennect

Ennect™, a division of Elliance®, Inc., develops online marketing tools for small and medium-sized organizations.

Ennect Mail, Ennect Survey, Ennect Event and Ennect Sweeps, all standalone applications, are designed to also work together, enabling marketers to easily re-use lists, manage opt outs, and effectively measure success.  Ennect provides an intuitive graphical interface that helps new users get started quickly to create sophisticated looking web-based emails, event registration and marketing sites, online surveys and sweepstakes contests.  Ennect automatically delivers text or html messages, depending on a user's preference.  There is also a full range of graphical and textual metrics and reports.

The Ennect marketing tools won Cisco’s Growing with Technology Award in 2005 and earned Elliance the distinction of being a finalist for Dell’s Excellence in Innovation Award. To learn more about Ennect, visit www.ennect.com or call 866-435-1212.


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