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Super Bowl Facts To Be Uncovered By Ennect Survey :: Ennect

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Pittsburgh, PA, January 22, 2009 -- It’s estimated that 130 million people will watch the Super Bowl on February 1. According to some Super Bowl facts, the big game ranks as America’s number one annual at-home party event. But why? Are viewers diehard football fans, ad aficionados, halftime-only watchers, or simply devoted to chip and dip? To find out, EnnectTM, a Pittsburgh-based developer of online marketing software, is sponsoring The Big Game Survey http://feedback.ennectSurvey.com/TheBigGameSurvey.

The anonymous, online survey is designed to uncover the truth about how football fans and non-fans feel about the big game party atmosphere, the food, and what happens on the gridiron. Internet users can complete “The Big Game Survey” to help unravel the fascination with the Super Bowl.

“As residents of a city with a major football franchise – which this year just happens to be IN the big game – we know why fans in Pittsburgh will be watching, but what about the rest of the world? Surveys are a great way to investigate group motivations, so we thought we’d sponsor this,” said Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance®, the developer of Ennect marketing software tools.

Ennect will share the results of the survey – which will be updated daily until January 31 – at www.ennect.com/blog/ http://www.ennect.com.

About Ennect
Ennect, a division of Elliance®, Inc., develops award-winning on-demand marketing tools. EnnectMail(SM), EnnectSurvey(SM), EnnectEvent(SM) and EnnectSweeps(SM) work together to empower marketers to do more work in less time while providing crucial metrics and reports. The Ennect marketing tools won Cisco’s Growing with Technology Award in 2005 and earned Elliance the distinction of being a finalist for Dell’s Excellence in Innovation Award. To learn more about Ennect, visit http://www.ennect.com or call 866-435-1212.


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